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Take Credit Card Payments Wherever You Go | Mobile Merchant Processing

If you have the need to take payments on the go away from a brick and mortar location, then Direct Payment Systems has the mobile payment processing solution that is just right for you.

Yes, you can take Payment Processing for Android, iPhone, iPad, and credit cards.

Mobile technology is rapidly advancing, and Direct Payment Systems offers you the latest in devices that can plug into your cellular connected device (smartphone or tablet) to take credit card payments securely.

Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing that is Secure and Efficient

With the convenience of a swipe or EMV chip reader, you will not have to lug a bulky POS terminal to your next show, conference, or off-site event.

Our smart devices work right of the box, helping you process payments quickly and securely.

  • Swipe or EMV card readers for Smartphones or cellular enable tablets
  • Touch units for Apple Pay® Android Pay®

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