What is a merchant account?

A merchant account allows your business to process credit card transactions and other payment forms. Merchant accounts can be for retail merchants, internet merchants, mail/order telephone order merchants, or any business that takes any form of payment for services or product. A business needs need to have a merchant account to process credit and debit cards.

If I have bad credit or no credit, can I still get a merchant account?

Yes it is likely. We have one of the highest approval ratings in the industry and do what we can to help you obtain a merchant account. Plus, there is no charge and no obligation to request a FREE price quote.

What types of merchants does Direct Payment Systems accept?

We accept most types of businesses. Retail merchants, internet merchants, higher risk merchants, start up merchants, restaurant merchants, hotel merchants, wireless merchants and home office merchants are just a few examples of businesses we process for.

How do I decide which terminal, program, software or service is right for my business?

That’s where we come in.  Chances are you can continue using what you have in place, if not we will make a recommendation – often times we can replace your equipment with an upgrade at little or no cost. Whether you have an existing business or a new start up, we have the right solution for your processing needs.

What are these computer chip cards I hear about and is new equipment needed?

Visa and MasterCard have mandated that businesses be able to accept cards containing computer chips in the future, this is called EMV.  The rules begin to change in October of 2015.  Some merchants may need to upgrade equipment and some may not.  Direct Payment Systems will help determine your needs for EMV.  The costs will be minimal, if any as a client with Direct Payment Systems.  Many clients qualify for a free upgrade.

I have heard about Apple Pay, what is it and can I accept it?

Apple Pay is something new Apple introduced late in 2014.  It means credit card data is stored in a customer’s iPhone.  They simply waive their phone in front of compatible equipment to process a transaction.  Demand is minimal for Apple Pay at this point but we anticipate growth.  Our approach is to upgrade our client base to handle Apple Pay at the same time we upgrade for computer chip cards (EMV) at no additional cost.  That way you will be ready when the demand arises.

Will I need to open a new bank account?

No. You simply provide us with your business bank account where your funds will be credited and debited.

How soon will I get my money once I run a transaction?

Next day funding is available in most cases.  Some unique processing solutions may take up to 48 hours to fund to your bank account.

Where do I get paper and supplies for my terminal?

You can reorder supplies through Direct Payment Systems but most clients choose to avoid shipping costs by purchasing paper supplies at their local office supply store or department store.  Most equipment uses standard size thermal paper that is readily available.

Do you provide customer service?

Yes.  Our customer service is fast and efficient and we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I already have equipment, can I continue to use it with your company?

In most cases  yes you can. If you have credit card equipment, it can be a simple process—that takes as little as 15 minutes—to reprogram your existing terminal. You can often take advantage of our low processing.